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عارف ابو حاتم
عارف ابو حاتم

The accusation by the US Treasury Department against the patriotic Septemberi Sheikh #AlHassan_Abkarof supporting terrorism maybe a prelude to kill him with a drone because he is like a solid wall in front of any expansion of the Houthis in Al-Jawf that is adjacent to the borders of Saudi Arabia, the geographical area that Washington wants to be a theater of operations, weapons store and a training camp to disrupt the security and stability of the Gulf,specifically Saudi Arabia.
When Abkar defeated his enemy and the enemy of the country, "Houthis," he spoke loudly to his supporters saying, “Don’t blow up their houses. Don’tkill prisoners. We have morality and virtue.” He used to say that with the memory of his sons, brothers and nephews in the shroud is still in his mind. Hesays thatwhile remembering the scene of his house that was torn in each direction with dynamite that was used by the Houthis... Today he is a terrorist!
The reasonsbehind the US accusation against Abkarsay that he is a friend of Nayef al-Qaisi, governor of Al-Baydha, and that he gave Abkarmoney and weapons!!
Did you see more impudence than this?!!
The noble and tolerantAbkar is a terrorist ... and Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, who killed one hundred thousand of Yemenis, destroyed a country and looted a state, is a man of justice and equality, as he wasdescribed in the American media!
And the accusation against Abkaris a clear message to all the leaders of the National Resistance, and tomorrow other names will top the lists of supporters of terrorism, including Sultan Al-Aradah,Ameen al-Okaimi,HamoudAl-Mekhlafi and Adnan Rozaik and every patriotic and noble that strives for peace and calls for statehood and rejects the Iranian project in Yemen is, in the America's eyes, a dangerous terrorist, as they have already added Dr. Abdul-Wahab al-Humaikaniand Nayef al-Qaisi in the lists of terrorism!

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