Major General Ameen Al-Okaimi
الموضوع: بيانات سياسية

The leadership of the Local Authority in Al-Jawf province denounces the US Treasury Department decision to include Sheikh Al-Hassan bin Ali Abkar, one of the most prominent leaders of the Popular Resistance in the province, in the list of terrorism and the subsequent consequences of the decision.
While everyone knows that Sheikh Al-Hassan Abkar is the Yemeni personality who has fought against terrorism and stood up against violence and its groups, we have received news that the US government classifies as a leading figure in the popular resistance as a terrorist. This decision harms the relations between the Yemeni and American peoples, and casts doubt and raises questions about the US administration’sconcepts of terrorism- the person who fights terrorismmaybe a terroristin the eyes of Americans.
We, in the Local Authority in Al-Jawf, consider this action from the American side as violence, no less than acts of terrorism that targetpeople’s life, property and reputation.
We call upon the US administration to withdraw the name of Sheikh Hassan Abkar, the son of Al-Jawf, from the list of terrorism that it announced a few days ago. We confirm that anything touches Hassan Abkar touches all the sons of Al-Jawf.
We also call on the political leadership, represented by His Excellency President of the Republic, Marshal AbdRabboMansour Hadi, and the Government to take the necessary measures in this regard.
We also advise the US administration not to be dragged by misleading and false information that US possibly receives from institutions that are under the control of the coup in Sana’a, the capital that is still under their control.
We confirm our stance with the Yemeni people and their leadership, the President and the Government, in defending the Yemeni people from all forms of terrorism. We also confirm that terrorism that targets our people will not weaken us and we will continue in the path of liberation and the restoration of the state from the hands of terrorists and saboteurs.

Major General
Ameen Al-Okaimi
Governor of A-Jawf
Head of the Local Council, Al-Jawf

Major General Ameen Al-Okaimi
الأربعاء 17 مايو 2017
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